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Holbrook’s History in Voices of the Sea Project

Harpswell Coastal Academy students have produced a series of interviews with Harpswell people that explore the town’s history and its connection with the ocean. Holbrook Community Foundation board member, Bill Mangum, was one of the interviewees. You can hear his talk by clicking the blue “play” button next to Bill’s picture below. To explore all of the interviews in the Voices of the Sea project, go to the Harpswell Stories website.

Holbrook Historical Nuggets

Through photographs, Elsa Martz has recorded the history and development of the Holbrook Community Foundation and the Holbrook property in particular. She has searched for and located historic photos of Cundy’s Harbor. Those photographs and her own are found throughout this web site. Below are links to excerpts from interviews with the old timers in Cundy’s Harbor, as well as items of public record.

Holbrook-Trufant House

Holbrook’s General Store

Holbrook Wharf

Holbrook’s Snack Bar


NNECAPA Planner’s Conference presentation

In September 2009, Holbrook Community Foundation vice president Deirdre Strachan delivered a talk to the Northern New England Chapter, American Planning Association (NNECAPA) conference on the efforts to preserve the Holbrook property. This slide show contains the material she presented in her talk:

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Holbrooks 1945 aerial view
Cundy’s Harbor 1945

Holbrook Wharf in the past
Holbrook Wharf

Holbrook Shoreline view
Holbrook shoreline

Original Trufant House
Original Trufant House