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Holbrook Community Foundation Educational Initiative

In 2014, The Holbrook Community Foundation created a fund to support the Holbrook Community Foundation Education Initiative. The goal of this fund is to support education about our marine environment in our local schools. In 2015-16, The Holbrook Community Foundation partnered with the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust (HHLT) to support educational programs for students at the Harpswell Community School to increase their knowledge of and concern for our history, sensitive marine environment and local fishing economy. HCF has also collaborated with the Harpswell Coastal Academy in an education initiative combining art, education and the environment. “Voices of Cundy’s Harbor: A Harpswell Stories Project” documents stories of a changing Cundy’s Harbor and the importance of a healthy marine environment to its commercial fishing economy. The video below, “Voices of the Working Waterfront”, is one product of the Harpswell Stories Project, designed to illustrate the challenges faced by local fishermen and how they have adapted. Visit the Harpswell Stories website to view the project's entire output.

Holbrook Community Foundation has published formal reports detailing the activities funded in each year of the program. Please click on the links below to read and download each report:

HCA students afloat
HCA students explore Cundy’s Harbor

2015 salmon release
HCS students enjoy salmon release